• English Wordle The study of English/Language Arts is necessary to prepare learners to be creative, literate individuals.  This allows the learner to successfully participate in and be contributors to the cultural, social and economic health of their communities.  Additionally, it allows them to fully participate and be aware The Ketchikan Gateway Borough School District requires 4 years of Language Arts/English to graduate.  (This is also the State of Alaska Requirement).  Traditionally, the sequence of courses that should be pursued toward graduation should be as follows:
     Freshman Year
    • English I
    Sophomore Year
    • English II 
     Junior Year
    • English III
     Senior Year
    • English IV
     Other Available Courses
    • Literacy and Composition I - 1 semester, 0.5 credit (Grade 9)
    • Literacy and Composition II - 1 semester, 0.5 credit (Grade 9)
    • IDEA Writing - 1 semester, 0.5 credit (Grades 9-12)
    • English SAT Prep - 1 semester, 0.5 credit (Grades 11 or 12)
    • English ACT Prep - 1 semester, 0.5 credit (Grades 11 or 12)