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    Getting Started With KGSDD Technology For Teachers

     Welcome to Your New Classroom
    All employees must fill out a KGBSD Account form online.  This enables our IT Department to set up your computer access, email account, and PowerTeacher account. 
    If you have not completed the online form, please CLICK HERE FOR DIRECTIONS
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    1. Logging onto PowerTeacher
    PowerTeacher is the KGBSD student information system and online gradebook.  PowerTeacher is a classroom management system to take attendance, mark grades, and access student information.
     PowerTeacher Gradebook Login


    Download and Launch

    1. Open PowerTeacher http://school.kgbsd.org/teachers/home.html

    2. Enter your username and password

    3. Click the Enter button


    If asked if you want Windows or your browser to remember your password, choose No

     For training and support with PowerTeacher contact chasina.worman@kgbsd.org, (907) 247-2139.

     Mac   ASEOP Automated Sub Calling System -
     1. How to put in leave and schedule a substitute.
    Our district uses Aseop an automated substitute placement system.  For more information visit our Aesop Help page at https://www.kgbsd.org/teachers.aesop.

    Mac   Classroom Websites
    1.  Setting up a Classroom Website
    All teachers in the KGBSD that would like to have a classroom website may develop a site though the district's Schoolwires website program.  Our school district believes that a successful district is a product of community involvement. We are redesigning our approach to communication. To help us connect -- and stay connected -- with what is needed to provide everyone with current, accurate information.  A classroom website can be instrumental in connecting and communicating with your parents and students.  With Schoolwires you can easily create and maintain a classroom website with ease and no prior knowledge of website design.   To set up your classroom website contact:
    Chasina Worman, Information Specialist
    Room: Kayhi 234
    Phone: 247-2139
    Website building classes are offered throughout the year, watch you email for dates and times.  To find out more about Schoolwires click here for our help site.

    To access our KGBSD technical knowledge database, please CLICK HERE