• Marine Biology

                  Beach Field Trip 2011
    Course Goals:

    Four major topics are covered during the year:
    1. marine ecology,
    2. water chemistry and ocean dynamics,
    3. salmon biology & hatcheries and Alaska’s major commercial fisheries,
    4. major marine phyla and our local intertidal zone.
    This course is designed for students interested in pursuing a career in fisheries or the ocean sciences, as well as for those students who are simply interested in the ocean. An understanding and appreciation for the marine environment is stressed throughout the course. Local hatcheries and the school boat, M/V JACK COTANT, are used for field trips.

    Content Outline:  Marine science will cover at least the following…

    -          Pacific salmon
    o       Identification
    o       Ecology
    o       Life cycle
    o       Anatomy & physiology
    o       Fisheries & hatcheries
    -          Alaskan fisheries besides salmon, especially…
    o       Halibut
    o       Herring
    o       Crab
    o       Shrimp
    -          Seawater chemistry
    o       Molecular properties
    o       Water samples
    o       Pressure and ocean depth
    -          Sea floor geology
    o       Composition of the Earth
    o       Formation of Earth and oceans
    o       Plate tectonics
    -          Physical oceanography
    o       Currents
    o       Waves

    Field trip to Whitman Lake Hatchery