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    In the science department at Kayhi, I teach Biology, Marine Biology, and Oceanography. Originally, I'm from a small town called Gladstone in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I grew up spending my summers on the shores of Lake Michigan and spending time in the Hiawatha National Forest. I have two children and my family and I moved to Ketchikan in 2005 from the Great Lakes area and I am thrilled to be able to use my science background here in Alaska, especially in a context in which I can connect the curriculum and students with the amazing local resources. 

    The studies of the marine environment and our temperate rainforest are fascinating. Click on the links above to view the classes at Kayhi and from there you can link to online resources in different fields relating to our ocean planet. You're sure to find something of interest to you.

    I hold a current Alaska teaching certificate. I am highly qualified to teach German, Biology, and Earth Science in grades 7-12. In addition, I am an Alaska Science Consortium Fellow. My BA is in Biology and Anthropology from Wayne State University and my teacher's education is from Northern Michigan University. In addition, I studied Historical Ethnology and Zoology at the graduate level at the University of Frankfurt, Germany.

    The bodies of water I have visited are: the Great Lakes (Superior, Michigan, Huron, Ontario), the Caribbean (Florida, Mexico, Puerto Rico), the Red Sea (Egypt), the Atlantic Ocean (New York, Florida, Portugal, Spain, the Canary Islands), the North Sea (France, Germany, Holland, Great Britain), the Baltic Sea (Sweden), the Mediterranean (Spain, Malta, Italy, Turkey), and  the Pacific coasts of California and Alaska. My fascination with water and Nature never ceases.

    One of my passionate hobbies is photography of plants and the intertidal zone. I use my photography to teach identification of organisms in our local environment.

    In addition to science, I am certified to teach German. I lived in Germany for 10 years immersed in the culture and am pleased to be able to share some of my language skills and experiences in European culture with the German Club I founded in 2006 at Ketchikan High School.