• Extra Class Columns

     Every teacher now starts with five extra blank columns on the Student Info window for entering student data specific to each class. Teachers can label the columns and enter in any appropriate information. Teachers can add more columns as needed, to track an endless variety of items about the students (i.e., book number, lab coat number, field trip tracking). Data can also be viewed and edited on the Student Detail pane.

    Click Extra Class Columns on the Student Info tab.

    Also on the Student Info window, teachers can now drag-and-drop the columns into any order. Pre-existing columns, new extra class columns and the new Preferred Name column can all be dragged in any order needed by the teacher.

    Copy Preferred Name and extra class columns to other sections

    Student Preferred Names, Student Extra Class Columns, and the data entered in those columns can be copied to other sections as needed. Click on Extra Class Columns, select the columns to copy and click the Copy button.