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     What can you expect?

    This year in 8th grade science we will be doing a lot of hands-on projects, group collaborations, and continually updating our interactive science notebook. Teaching science is one of my passions and in 8th grade science class, I am lucky enough to be able to teach you some of my favorite topics. We will be learning about Meiosis and Mitosis, Genetics, Chemistry, Electricity, Waves, Energy, and Survival Skills.

    To be successful in my class, you will need to come to class with a 3 subject notebook that we will use almost everyday. This will be our interactive science notebook, and we will use it just as real scientists do, to record and document our notes and laboratory observations. This notebook will be a document of everything we do in class, so it is extremely important that you:

    1) Bring your notebook everyday to class


    2) Keep your notebook up to date

    Here's the agenda:

    • August/September: Setting up our interactive notebook and Scientific Method labs. (Metric System review.)
    • Mid September/October: Mitosis/Meiosis, and Genetics
    • Mid October/November: Chemistry
    • December/January: Electricity
    • February/March: Electromagnetic Spectrum Waves, Energy, and Cargo airplane project
    • April/May: Survival Skills and Survival trip

    I look forward to an very exciting and inventive year with all of you!

    Mrs. Urquhart :)

    Got questions?

    email: frankie.urquhart@k21schools.org

    phone: 907-228-7200 ext 223


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