US History 

    Mr. Frey


    Classroom Rules and Expectations


    1.)  How you enter a room defines how well you do in it:  When you enter the room, come with a positive attitude (ready to work).  You will need a three subject binder just for this class, as well as a pen/pencil, YOUR COMPUTER, and book EVERYDAY!


    2.)  Respect all in classroom, this does not only include me the teacher but also students and guests in the class.  I also take it  serious if you are stopping others from learning.


    3.)  Please raise your hand:  There are more of you than me.  I love your questions,so to give you my attention raise your hand. I will ignore you otherwise.


    4.)  Pop,gum, candy in the classroom:  There is to be no pop in class as well as candy. I will tolerate gum unless it becomes disrespectful.  What I mean is if I have to pick up wrappers,gum out of the sink, or I hear the constant popping of bubbles you will lose privilege.

    5.)  Sleeping in class:  You cannot sleep in class, plain and simple.

    6.)  Hats and hoods:  You cannot wear hats or hoods in the class.

    7.)  No electronics in classroom:  This includes all electronic devices.  If I see it I will take it and you can come get it after school is out.

    8.)  Bathroom breaks: You are young adults and should visit the restroom before school and at lunchtime.  Of course there are always emergencies…

    9.)  If you feel like you are going to get sick:  Run to the bathroom!  You don’t need my permission!


    Remember you are here to learn and have fun.  “Education is a companion which no misfortune can depress, no crime can destroy, no enemy can alienate, no depotism can enslave.” Joseph Addison


    You will need to be organized in this class.  As said, a three subject binder is suggested which we will use for History Questions/History Image of the Day, History Word of the Days, and History Notes.  If you have this you will do very well in class. 


    I look forward to an excellent year with you.  Remember I have an open door policy so please feel free to walk in anytime, email, or call.





    Chad Frey                                     chad.frey@k21schools.org

    School: 247-1500                         


    HISTORY Word of the Day


    Directions: Students will be responsible for presenting certain history terms to the class Monday-Thursday as assigned by the teacher.  Every other Friday students will have a quiz of history terms that week. History Word of the Days will be graded on the following:


    1.)  Student posts a shareable link into correct Canvas discussion post.

    2.)  In google document student has term and definition (definitions can be found in book, dictionary, internet).

    3.)  Student gives historical example of term.  Look in glossary for word, it will give you a page number, and summarize the history of word. 

    4.)  Student comes up with way to help other classmates remember definition of term. This can be a rhyme, symbol, drawing, ect.  Anyway that would help his/her classmates.        


    It is the responsibility of the student to be in class and to be prepared when it is their turn to present their term.  Students that are absent will present the next day.  It is also the student’s responsibility to obtain any notes from classmates. Students who do not come to class prepared will receive a zero.