• What we will learn:


    8th Grade History: 

    Ice Age America:

     The Land Bridge 


    The Clovis Culture 

    The Age of Exploration: 

    Causes of European Exploration 

    The “Discovery” of the New World 

    The Columbian Exchange 

    The Aztec Empire 

    The Invasion of Mexico 

    The Triangular Trade:

    European Division of the Americas 


    Slavery, the Rum Trade 

    Commercial Whaling 

    The Fur Trade 

    The French and Indian War 

    The American Revolution:

    Trouble over Taxes 

    The Birth of a Nation  
    Strategy and tactics  

     The Revolutionary War 

    The U.S. Government: 

    The Founding Fathers 

    Other forms of Government 

    The Separation of Powers 

    The Bill of Rights and the Constitution 

    Elections in America 

    The American Civil War:

    The Plantation Economy 

    Industrialization in America 


    Divisions between North and South 

    The Civil War 

    Westward Expansion and The Second Industrial Revolution: 

    Opening of the West 

    The Indian Wars 

    The Birth of the American City 

    The Steel Age 

    The Petroleum Age 

    The Electric Age 


    The Great War: 

    Causes of WWI 

    New Technology 

    Trench Warfare 

    The Russian Revolution 

    The 1920’s:

    The consumer economy 

    The Suffragists  


    American Culture and Fads 

    The Stock Market 

    The Great Depression: 

    The Stock Market Crash and causes 

    The Dust Bowl

     Struggling to Survive



     Rise of the Dictators


    Lightning War  

    Pacific Theater 

    Eastern Front 

    The Holocaust 

    Fall of the Third Reich 

    The Nuclear Age