• Classroom Discipline Plan & Rules for Mrs. Frey’s Class 2020/2021



    1. Respect Others

                This means:

    -       Listen when a teacher or student is talkingRules

    -       Pay attention

    -       Follow all directions the first time they are given

    -       Use only positive comments (no teasing or name-calling)

    -       Keep your body and objects to yourself

    -       Do not throw objects

    -       Use only appropriate language and gestures

    -       Use inside voices

    -       Help and encourage others



    2. Respect Property

                This means:

    -       Help keep the school neat and clean

    -       Do not write on school property

    -       Do not damage school property in any way

    -       Keep your hands off other people’s property

    -       No soda or candy in the classroom (keep gum in mouth)



    3. Be Responsible

                This means:

    -       Be in class on time

    -       Be prepared for class by having the appropriate materials

    -       Complete assignments on time

    -       Do quality work

    -       Act in a safe manner

    -       Walk when moving from place to place

    -       Ask permission to leave class

    -      Clean up after yourself



    Consequences If You Choose to Break a Rule


    First Time: Verbal Warning

    Second Time: One check onboard = Lunch detention

    Third Time: Two checks =  Lunch detention (behavior discussed with the teacher and written referral)

    Fourth Time: Three checks = Lunch detention and the possibility of being sent out of the classroom and/or written referral (behavior discussed with the teacher, parents contacted, and a possible meeting with the principal)


    ** Any student who causes a severe disruption will be immediately sent to the Principal’s office. Severe disruptions include throwing objects, punching, biting, pulling hair, swearing, spitting, verbally disrespecting others, vandalism, etc.





    Daily: Praise.

    Periodically: At the end of certain months there will be a “Special Afternoon” where students can bring in healthy snacks and we will watch a grade-appropriate movie or play board games for the last hour of the day.