Happy November!  The chill in the air sure is making the kids excited.  Our Halloween project started last month learning our bones, and now we are working with owl pellets.  I am being entertained with some of the kids' reactions to them.  

    We have started having an artist in residence program also.  The featured artist for us is Dave Rueben.  He amazed the students with how one shape can move just by shading a part or side. There have been several pictures drawn since Tuesday when he first came in.  I love that they are so excited about art!

    Our math program has taken us to two digit multiplication.  I have a class that is loving math and learning techniques to help them find the correct answers to problems.  We are finding out the importance to understanding the problem to know all the correct steps that need to be taken to complete the problem as asked.  

    We have been having issues with head lice.  Our health clerk has asked for parents to check on a nightly basis for little unwanted vistors.  I have taken steps in the class to eliminate them by having students keep their coats at their desk, not working closely together, and having desks in rows, not side by side.  

    Our class has been doing a super job with both reading comprehension and math. We do a speed read three times a week to build up speed and confidence.  Our reading scores are looking really good as a whole class!  Way to go 4th graders!

    Thanksgiving break will start on Tuesday after school, so really, on Wednesday.  Enjoy your family time together.  Please continue to encourage your children to read and practice multiplication facts.  

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Miss Smith

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