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  • Wish luck to our 6th grade Spelling Bee champ Bella, who's going on to the compete in the district-wide spelling bee championship today at 5:30 PM! We're so proud of you and all of your hard work, Bella! GO THUNDERBIRDS!!!

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  • February 15, 2021

    Hi TSAS Parents,


    This is a request for you to check that your contact information is updated in Powerschool. We've come across some old addresses, recently.

    This would really help us to stay connected with you!


    Wishing you well,

    Robin Standley

    Community Liason

  • Hello TSAS Families,

    This afternoon, the Ketchikan School Board approved an increase in our Covid Risk Levels.
    Beginning tomorrow, our school will be at the Medium Risk level.

    For TSAS, school will continue five days a week and begin and end at the same
    scheduled times. Due to how we have constructed our school this year, we need to make very
    few instructional changes as we move between the Low and Medium levels. This is by design,
    as consistency is very important for learning at our students’ ages.

    Our plan is robust, strict, and shown effective at preventing the spread of Covid-19. Though the
    increase in cases in our community is unfortunate, at this time there is no evidence of
    transmission happening within our school. Our plan is also supported by numerous scientific
    studies that show evidence of low levels of transmission in elementary schools following similar
    safety protocols to ours. Since education is so vitally important, and onsite learning especially
    crucial for children at this age level, our onsite learning will continue until our local conditions
    make it impossible to do so. Especially for disadvantaged students, the trade-offs for at-home
    learning are great and we strive to do all that we can to prevent that from occurring.

    I encourage all families to follow the governor’s and State of Alaska’s advice and continue
    wearing masks in public, avoid large groups of people, and self-isolate and test if you have been
    in contact with someone infected or are showing Covid-like symptoms. Actions such as these
    will help improve the conditions in our community and keep students in school.

    As a district we are regularly evaluating local conditions and are working closely with Alaska
    Public Health, Ketchikan’s EOC, and medical professionals with Peacehealth. I myself am part
    of a working group involving these entities as we look at making education decisions that keep
    student and staff safety at the front of our concerns. There may come a time when we have no
    choice but to begin at-home learning. Fortunately, we are not there yet.

    To Your Child’s Success!

    Scott Huff

    TSAS Principal

  • Good afternoon, TSAS families!
    Happy Monday! 

    Please be reminded of the following dates: 

    Preschool Screening: February 22 - 26, 2021

    Student Conferences:

    Conferences will start after school on March 10, 4 PM - 8 PM

    Conferences will continue on March 11, 8 AM to 8 PM. Students do not have school this day. 

    Teachers will be in touch to set up your time slot for the conference. 

    No school days for March 11 and 12 because of the scheduled student conferences and trade days for employees. 

    Spring Break - March 15 to March 19 

    See you all on March 22nd! :)

    PEAKS Testing for 3rd to 6th grade students - April 14th - 17th 

    If you have any questions, please contact the office at 225-5720 or send me an email at

    Wishing you well, 

    Lydia Cruz

    Administrative Assistant 


    KBGSD COVID Return to School Options. If questions, call our office at 907-255-5720.


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    TSAS Logo The Tongass School of Arts and Sciences is a free public charter school approved by the Ketchikan Gateway Borough School District Board of Education. We are a National Blue Ribbon school, open to all PreK-6 students in the district, and we don’t charge tuition! With the district’s open enrollment policy, you can send your child to Tongass School no matter where you live in Ketchikan. There is bus service for those who live north, south, and in town.

    Our award-winning program provides unique educational learning opportunities including a weekly swim session and weekly enrichment classes where students learn to cook, complete science experiments, or speak a new language. We offer full-day classroom-based programs as well as individual courses for families who prefer to enroll in our partner homeschool program but want to take PE, music, swimming, or enrichment classes on campus. We also offer a Preschool program for 3 and 4 year old children who qualify.

    Check out our Highly Effective Teaching program, Philosophy and Mission Statement, and Classroom pages to learn more about what our students are doing. If you like what you see or have questions, give us a call at +1 (907) 225-5720. Our offices are located at 410 Schoenbar Road, Suite 202.

    *For Summer & Out of Town Enrollment options, call Tongass School to have a packet emailed to you.